Category: Miscellaneous
Date: Pre 16th Century
Date Description: Victorian Folding Bagatelle Table Game.


Bagatelle is a game similar to billiards, and has been played in pubs and homes in the UK for over 2 centuries. Played on a long narrow board from one end, it needed little space. In the 19th century many boards were made that folded away for storage, such as this example. The case of this bagatelle game is well made of mahogany. The interior is in original condition, with a little wear to the baize at the centre where the board folds. as it is designed to be placed upon a table, the base is covered with hessian. This game is displayed on, and comes with, an old faux bamboo folding table. The balls included (8 red and 1 white) are not guaranteed to be the correct balls for the game. Circa 1880.

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