Category: Treen
Dimensions: Height: 189cm Width: 41cm Pole: 2.1cm X2.3cm
Date: Late Victorian 1880 - 1901
Date Description: Victorian Treen Height Measure
Country of Origin: England
Dealer Reference: U642


A rare late 19th century height measure. Made of mahogany, the stick is faced with boxwood on 2 sides, one side inscribed in inches, the other with metric measurements. In 1896 the British Parliament passed the Weights and Measures (Metric System) Act which legalised metric units for all purposes, at a time when over 40% of British exports were to metricated countries.
This treen measure has a sliding arm, connected with brass and finished with a carved hand hold. Small brass plates strengthen the base of the measuring stick. An interesting piece of history, in excellent condition. Circa 1900

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