Category: Medical
Dimensions: Height: 173cm (68") Base Width: 30cm (11 3/4") Base Depth: 56cm (22") Dial Diameter: 28cm (11")
Date: Early 20th Century 1900 - 1930
Date Description: Antique Salter's Albion Personal Scales. U333
Country of Origin: England
Dealer Reference: U333
Keywords: Salter'sWeighingMachineScalesPersonal


Antique Salter's personal weight scales. The printed dial reads: No. 214 SALTER'S "ALBION" WEIGHING MACHINE. The cast iron body is designed in the Art Nouveau style of the period. The glass fronted dial is finished with a brass bezel. The paper face has suffered water/damp disfigurement but this does not effect the clarity of the information in some ways it affords character, a sense of age to these scales that are, amazingly, as accurate as they were made at the turn of the 20th century. Circa 1900

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