Category: Miscellaneous
Dimensions: Width: 212cm (83 1/2") Height: 177cm (69 3/4") Panel Width: 67.3cm (26 1/2")
Date: Late Victorian 1880 - 1901
Date Description: Victorian Decoupage Reversible 3-Fold Screen
Country of Origin: England


A sumptuous large Victorian 3-fold screen. The decoupage on the panels is of exceptional quality, carefully chosen and assembled with great artistry. Unusually, the screen is decorated on both sides, one side in vivid colour and the other in black and white both sides are treated with the same attention to detail and artistry. The panels are framed with a gold edging. They sit within a substantial black ebonised wooden frame. The hingeing mechanism which allows the individual panels to move and fold in a 360 degree plane is ingenious. A 2-3 small replacement patches have been made, otherwise the whole screen is in exceptional fine condition, and is a wonderful picture of Victorian life and artistry. 

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